A magical evening in Brickell chalet

An article of the BRICKELL Megeve chalet at the evening.
Brickell chalet Megeve at night

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I spent a magical evening in the BRICKELL Megève chalet . The decor was wonderful, to the point where it feels like a film by Peter Jackson. Lit up like a Christmas tree , the cottage offered us a spectacle of light and a beautiful view of the Haute-Savoie region in full evening.

magical evening

Amazing view at night

I loved the chalet , with its gold and luxurious chandeliers and many pieces that I have not yet finished the full visit but the discovery of her outdoors during the late afternoon was a curtain -raising worthy of a fairy tale. I spent almost two hours contemplating the unusual sight, littered with trees and distant hills. With in the center, the cottage acting as referee , making obeisance to the “magnificent” Mont Blanc .

  • Celina


    What I love about fall is the falling leaves, all the beautiful colors in the nature, all the shifting that takes place. And I also like the cooler tetuarempre outside, and waiting to see when the first snow falls.

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