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ski Megeve : Come experience of skiing in the heart of a unique domain. Combining tracks, forest, mountain farms and sun terraces on several massive

  • The Brickell Chalet: Megève Hotspot

    Brickell Megeve bedroom


    Megève Hotspot

    ” Pure Concept provides its clients with luxury properties. In Megève, the brand created the Brickell Chalet accommodation carefully designed for the most demanding guests. With their 1.300m, the Brickell Chalet and Guest House can accommodate up to 18 people in seven rooms and a dormitory decorated with paintings, photographs and works of arts. Continue reading

  • Chalet Brickell by Pure Concept

    “Chalet Brickell enjoys the luxury of a stunning setting at the heart of Megève. This exceptional chalet, with its guest house, blends in perfectly with the smalltown. Situated at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by nature, it seems to have found its natural place. Designed to precise specifications, down to the tiniest detail, it offers the rich sobriety of noble materials, the subtlety of elegant combinations, and a superbly functional space. Nothing is left to chance. Every accessory has its role to play: a breath of colour, a glow of light, bespoke rugs, unique motifs. Behind this chic modernity lies a truly authentic simplicity.
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  • Brickell Chalet Megeve living room

    An amazing experience Brickell chalet !

    An amazing experience to share !

    Brickell chalet Megève for your vacation is a real chalenge of luxury and beauty with an asthonishing view of Mont Blanc. Booking chalet Brickell megeve is an easy task. The Cottage Brickell Megeve offers dream holiday to all his customers. All the estate agency and hotel megeve can provide you the location chalet. The megeve hotel, megeve property, megeve ski, mountain chalet are numerous. Though brickell chalet which was built by pure concept give you rooms, ski, luxurious shelter in warm despite the weather. Read the blog for more info about Brickell chalet.

  • Brickell chalet Megeve at night

    A magical evening in Brickell chalet

    I spent a magical evening in the BRICKELL Megève chalet . The decor was wonderful, to the point where it feels like a film by Peter Jackson. Lit up like a Christmas tree , the cottage offered us a spectacle of light and a beautiful view of the Haute-Savoie region in full evening.

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  • Brickell chalet Megeve Bedroom

    One night at Brickell chalet Megeve

    Before I visited the Brickell cottage, I read an article about the chalet on luxury design. Some had the chance to spend some nights and I was eager to get my own experiences. The evening had started wonderfully in this luxurious and soothing atmosphere. After visiting the cellar, they brought us a bottle of great wine that had me looking rather intimidating. It was a vintage of Romanée -Conti . Difficult to describe the taste rather unique to this wine . I would say a trip to wonderland . It was moderately fruity and slightly spicy. In short, which I love .

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  • Located Brickell chalet Megeve on the map

  • Brickell chalet Gallery

    Discover the amazing cottage Brickell chalet gallery. The great and unique architecture realised by Pure concept is a marvel. A true gem in the heart of Megeve. Both cottages are comparable to a cave with treasures.
    Megeve estate agency, hotel megeve or megeve property testimonials are amazing about the gallery of Cottage Brickell Megeve. The luxury, the rooms, the weather and winter sport welcome you for dream holiday.The mountain chalet nearby ski station, winter sport. Better than all megeve hotel, the luxury cottage provide dream holiday.

  • Brickell chalet blog

    Brickell chalet blog-Brickell Megeve at night

    Nice view in the evening

    Brickell chalet blog:

    The housekeeper showed us the different rooms of the lodge. Throughout the tour, the surprises were more surprising. The large living room was the first room taking over our mind. Large sofas dressed with a golden tone and taupe proposed a gentle backdrop to the fireplace.

    Candles flooded the grandiose space and lavish chandelier lit of unprecedented gentleness this prestigious chalet. Lace lights brought us to this great table topped with an enormous sky where the crystal drops flown this golden service to the fine gold from the great French manufactures. Excellence had invaded the place and gently woven rugs hand brought us to surprising cocoon for children. TV, games and other corners of comfort procured small, a relaxing moment.

    It was time for us to find our gentle setting. The wide spaces of the first level gave way to the cinema, to the disco, to the surprising swimming pool, massage room and the garage where our exceptional Bentley was stored safely. Steve McQueen would see it and the surprising decoration allowed me to feel like a superhero from discreetly seek his sports car. The refinement is to the game and access to the second cottage could be effected through the underpass. A cocoon among the surprising tranquility is what our dear guests coming wished to stay a few days with us.
    Article Brickell chalet by Luxury design


  • About the Brickell Chalet



    I spent a memorable moment. The service was impeccable as possible, . I would not fail to return. Magdalena Kay, Israel
    I was skeptical at first but my wife had convinced me to go there. Now, I encourage everyone to check it out . Andre Trosclair, USA
    One place to spend a crazy holiday . Do not look elsewhere. Brickell Megève highly surprise you. Sarina Duchesne, Italy
    I'd still be in Brickell Megève the coming holidays. But this time I would bring my family. It was unforgettable . thank you again . Sabrina NOLAN, UK


    • Old wood, DI Legno wood flooring, stainless steel, Emperador marble
    • LED lighting
    • Furniture made of old wood and taupe-colored nubuck leather
    • Electrochromic glass partition separating the dining room and the kitchen, cold room
    • Marble swimming pool,
    • Several illuminated areas in the master chalet and guest chalet Brickel.
    • Digital detection at a 100-inch LCD screen and a 9.1 surround sound system
    • Garage marked out with lit-up pathways, heated floor, carpet and stone flooring.
    • Smoke detector, fire alarm,
    • All-round audio system in all rooms
    • Latest generation home automation, smoke alarms and fire alarms, centralized closing of shutters,
    • Kaleidoscope audio-video equipment (1000 DVDS, 2000 CDS) with a receiver in each room.
    • The entire area is equipped with night-vision digital cameras and the images can be viewed on all screens in the chalet.